Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy Life

I'm sorry for the long amounts of time between my posts! Guess I didn't think I had anything worth saying. I'm going to spend the next couple weeks trying

to give you some interesting things to read :). If you have any ideas, please pass them on!

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    safety first all the time!

  2. Our family would like too thank you for being a survivor and a fighter and for all you've done for our community and for founding Hollys House! Unfortunately a few years ago our 9year old son and an 8yr old neighborhood girl were both raped and molested by a teenage boy! Hollys house gave our son a place too tell his story and not be scared! Holly's House was an awesome place for children and families too go when you feel so alone! Although Warrick county judicial system failed us when it came too sentencing the teen who violated our children Hollys House did not! That teen didn't serve no time all he got after even admitting too the judge and too the people at Hollys House what he did to our children! All he got was some counseling and that was literally IT! Only thing that keeps tht teen from our children is the restraining order we filled out!!! And don't get me wrong he was found GUILTY! But got a slap on the wrist and is out there able too do this again! Hollys House gave us so much information on counseling and what we could do as a family for our children! Thank you for that! Today watching your interview on what happened too you our family cried for you and your friend and Jacob said I wish I could tell her it will all be ok and its not her fault just like they told me at Hollys House! So I hope you read this! Also at the end it said u names your son in memory of your friend you lost and Jacob caught the name and said that's a good strong name its my dads name too! And it is! William Kristopher is also my husbands and their dads name! Jacob is doing well he is also a survivor and a fighter and a sweet boy who is sometime a little too trusting but we are so much more aware tht just because its a teenager be wary and watch closely! Because we would had never suspected!! I wish tht boy got more punishment for what he did our children do still fear they will run into him and we actually have! Its sad to say the least that Warrick county didn't do their job! We still do not know what the judge was thinking! But nevertheless your an amazing women who helped give sanctuary too those who need a help with their voice!! Bless you and your family and Hollys House!!! From: William, Kari, Joshua and Jacob